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Read FairVote’s Testimonies to Two State Government Reform Commissions

Posted on What's New Drew Spencer Penrose, Nathan Nicholson on November 10, 2014

Ohio and Virginia present unique opportunities for redistricting reform. See FairVote's recommendations to bipartisan reform commissions in both states.  

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FairVote Joins Voting Rights Case in Washington to Promote Fair Representation

Posted on What's New Drew Spencer Penrose on October 28, 2014

 Last week, FairVote filed an amicus curiae (friend of the Court) brief in Montes v. City of Yakima, a case brought against the city of Yakima, WA under the Voting Rights Act. You can read the brief here.

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A Push for Open General Elections in Nevada: Top Three with IRV

Posted on What's New Drew Spencer Penrose on August 12, 2014

A nascent movement for inclusive electoral reform has been steadily growing in Nevada, and it deserves more attention and support.

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Details Matter: The Oregon Top Two Twist

Posted on What's New Drew Spencer Penrose, Rob Richie on August 11, 2014

This year, another Top Two elections proposal will appear on the Oregon ballot, but this time with an unusual detail that may have a big impact.

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Fair Voting in California - Will Santa Barbara Join Santa Clarita?

Posted on What's New Drew Spencer Penrose on August 08, 2014

In July, the city of Santa Barbara became the most recent in a string of California cities being sued under the California Voting Rights Act for diluting the votes of their Latino population. By electing candidates at-large with fair voting, Santa Barbara could remedy any alleged vote dilution in a race neutral way, avoid the pitfalls of redistricting, and encourage the equitable election of women.

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The Case for Ranked Voting in the Republican Presidential Nomination Contest

Posted on What's New Drew Spencer Penrose on June 20, 2014

The use of ranked choice voting to elect the Republican Presidential nominee would ensure that the ultimate winner has the broadest base of support and the best chance of winning in November.

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