Ranked Choice Voting Poll for Maryland's 8th Congressional District Primaries

Posted by Demarquin Johnson on April 14, 2016

When Representative Chris Van Hollen announced his statewide campaign for the U.S. Senate, his congressional seat opened up. Registered Democrats and Republicans in the 8th Congressional District of Maryland will cast ballots on April 26 to pick a candidate for the general election in November. Voters have nine different candidates to choose from in the Democratic primary and five candidates in the Republican primary ranging from elected officials to business executives.

Maryland is one of the many states in our country that does not have runoff elections. Statistically speaking, a candidate in the upcoming primary in either party could win with less than 30% of the vote. In a ranked choice election, voters can show their full preference and ensure a candidate wins the primary with at least 50% of voter support. You can participate in our ranked choice voting poll for the Democratic and Republican primary contests for Maryland’s 8th or build your own here for your local election.

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