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Research Reports

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  • Massachusetts Profile

    Fact in focus: Since 2000, Democrats have won all 50 US House races in Massachusetts by landslide.

  • Michigan Profile

    Fact in focus: Although Michigan is 3rd in our democracy index, 11 out of its 15 US House seats are represented by untouchable incumbents.

  • Minnesota Profile

    Fact in focus: Minnesota's high turnout helped earned our 2008 democracy index's top ranking, but almost half of its US House seats are represented by "untouchable" incumbents.

  • Mississippi Profile

    Fact in focus: Mississippi has never elected a woman to the US House.

  • Missouri Profile

    Fact in focus: Although Missouri Democrats won a majority of the US House vote in 2008, Republicans won a majority of seats.

  • Montana Profile

    Fact in focus: Montana Democrats haven't won a U.S. House seat since 1994, despite regularly garnering four in ten votes.

  • Nebraska Profile

    Fact in focus: Nebraska Democrats regularly win at least a third of the US House vote, but have not won a seat since 1992.

  • Nevada Profile

    Fact in focus: In 2008 Nevada Democrats won 8% more US House votes than Republicans, but 33% more seats.

  • New Hampshire Profile

    Fact in focus: New Hampshire Republicans earned 47% of US House votes in 2008, but Democrats won both seats.

  • New Jersey Profile

    Fact in focus: All 11 incumbents won reelection in New Jersey's US House seats in 2008, with eight "untouchables".