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  • California Profile

    Fact in focus:  In 2008, all 51 US House incumbents won in California, 78% by landslide

  • Colorado Profile

    Fact in focus: All but one of Colorado US House race were a landside win in 2008 -- 56% of Republican voters failed to elect a candidate

  • Connecticut Profile

    Fact in focus: In 2008 Republican US House candidates earned 33% of votes statewide, but 0 of 5 seats

  • Delaware Profile

    Fact in focus: Delaware leans Democratic but Republican Michael Castle is serving a record 9th term as its only US House Member.

  • Florida Profile

    Fact in focus: In 2008, incumbents lost 3 US House races in Florida-- in 1982-2006, incumbents won 242 of 246 races.

  • Georgia Profile

    Fact in focus: In 2008, US House Democratic candidates won a majority of Georgia's popular vote, but only 46% of seats.

  • Hawaii Profile

    Fact in focus: Both of Hawaii's US House races were no-contest wins for incumbents -- no Republican has won since 1988.

  • Idaho Profile

    Fact in focus: Democrats won their first House seat in Idaho since 1992, despite regularly winning a third of statewide votes.

  • Illinois Profile

    Fact in focus: In 2008, the average US House race in Illinois was won 70% to 30% -- since 1994, more than half of winners have been "untouchable."

  • Indiana Profile

    Fact in focus: For the first time since 1994, no woman won an Indiana US House seat in 2008.