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  • Vermont Profile

    Fact in focus: In 2008, Democrat Peter Welch also earned the Republican nomination as a write-in.

  • Virginia Profile

    Fact in focus: In 2008, all US House seats in Virginia were won by men for the first time in a decade.

  • Washington Profile

    Fact in focus: Since 2000, Washington has never had more than one competitive race for its nine US House seats.

  • West Virginia Profile

    Fact in focus: US House incumbents in West Virginia have won 42 straight races dating back 26 years, including 2 repeat landside winners in 2008.

  • Wisconsin Profile

    Fact in focus: Of Wisconsin's 8 US House Members, 7 are untouchable incumbents who won repeat landsides in 2008.

  • Wyoming Profile

    Fact in focus: Wyoming's incumbent win streak dates back 44 years -- the longest in the nation.

  • Overview and Data

    Welcome to the release of Dubious Democracy 2008!

  • Plurality in Gubernatorial Elections

  • Policy Guide 2015

    FairVote's Policy Guide 2015 includes one page summaries of dozens of key proposals, along with resources for each, including model statutory language, sample letters of support, and more. These proposals represent the cutting edge in reforms for expanding suffrage, enhancing voter access, and protecting the right to a meaningful vote at all levels of government.

  • RCV vs Other Voting Systems – By the Numbers

    ballot image1With over 100 elections conducted using RCV in the U.S. since 2000, there is much data RCV and its relationship to voter turnout, ballot spoilage, voter behavior and strategy and numerous other aspects of RCV elections. 

    To explore these data, visit our "RCV Statistics" page.