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Research Reports

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  • New Mexico Profile

    Fact in focus: New Mexico Republicans won 39.4% of votes in 2008, but none of the three open US House seats.


  • New York Profile

    Fact in focus: New York Republicans won 31.6% of US House votes in 2008, but just three of 29 seats -- only 7% of Democratic voters failed to elect a candidate.

  • North Carolina Profile

    Fact in focus: A majority of North Carolina's US House seats were won by "untouchable" repeat landside winners.

  • North Dakota Profile

    Fact in focus: North Dakota Republicans have not won a US House or US Senate seat since 1982 despite dominating the state's presidential races.

  • Ohio Profile

    Fact in focus: Since 1998, Ohio incumbents have won 96 of 97 US House races.


  • Oklahoma Profile

    Fact in focus: US House incumbents in Oklahoma have won 84 straight races dating back 34 years, including 4 repeat landside winners in 2008.


  • Oregon Profile

    Fact in focus: US House races in Oregon in 2008 were won on average by a whopping 64% of the vote.


  • Pennsylvania Profile

    Fact in focus: 90% of Pennsylvania’s US House winners in 2008 were uncontested in their party primary.

  • Rhode Island Profile

    Fact in focus: Rhode Island Republicans regularly win a third of the state's US House vote, but have won no seats since 1992.

  • South Carolina Profile

    Fact in focus: In 2008 South Carolina Democrats won just 33% of US House seats with 49% of votes.