Presidential Elections

Every vote cast in every election should be of equal value, regardless of where a voter lives or for whom they vote. Popular will should never be threatened by illogical, anachronistic mechanisms divorced from the democratic ideal of one person, one vote. Nor should our system be such that candidates can win single-seat offices despite being opposed by the majority. Americans deserve a system in which all voices can be part of the debate without fear of "spoiling" an election; one that is transparent, accountable and honors equality and majority rule.

Therefore, FairVote supports several reforms to the way that we elect out president. The first is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would make every vote by every American equally important in the general election (for more information on National Popular Vote, see here).

FairVote also supports alterations to the nation's current primary system. For more information alternative primary methods, see FairVote's sister website

For more on our commentary and reform proposals, see below.

2012 Presidential Primary Resources

Throughout the Republican presidential primary season, FairVote assembled key resources to help understand the nomination process and illustrate the ways in which that process is fundamentally flawed.

Primary Reforms and Solutions

The presidential primary system is broken. At, FairVote offers a number of alternative systems the parties could use to nominate their presidential contenders. These proposals, including including the FairVote-backed American Plan, would make the process saner and allow more voters to be heard.

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