Sample Letter Supporting NPV


Support the National Popular Vote interstate compact – make every vote equal

Dear _______,

It is time to finally change the way we elect our president and give every vote cast equal weight. Each state has the right under the Constitution to determine how it allocates its Electoral Votes, and I urge you to join the more than 1,700 state legislators nationwide who have endorsed the National Popular Vote interstate compact. 

The way our system works today, candidates scramble to win votes in a small group of swing states and neglect the majority of Americans. This not only impacts the results of the election but also the policies of the candidates.  In the 2008 general election, more than 98% of all campaign spending and advertisements were spent on states representing barely a third of all Americans. 

In 2008, I worked for a presidential campaign in Ohio, and witnessed the overwhelming resources used by both parties in the state. Meanwhile, in my home state of Connecticut, the entirety of campaign activity was asking residents of the state to call across state lines into more competitive battlegrounds. It was clear that a vote in Connecticut and a vote in Ohio were not worth the same.

It is time to end this outdated system and, at last, make every vote equal.

Thank you in advance for your leadership on this issue. 


Neal Suidan