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Instant runoff voting is building momentum around the country thanks to the efforts of local activists. Help us keep this reform effort going by becoming an advocate in your community. Use the links in this section to learn about IRV developments in your state or to connect to other local activists. Download our action kits for educational materials and helpful tips for contacting your elected officials or generating coverage in your local media. Or find out how you can help with current campaigns or legislative efforts.

For Activists and Elected Officials

In this section, you'll find instructions for how to administer IRV elections, talking points, advocacy materials and additional resources to advance the cause of ranked choice voting.

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Your help is needed to advance FairVote’s electoral reform goals. We welcome your participation in our featured e-advocacy campaigns. We also encourage you to check out our “activist tool kits,” follow relevant legislation in your state, engage your local press, write to your legislators and participate in Learning Democracy efforts. We hope you can find all the resources you need in this portion of our site. Please contact FairVote if there are further tools we can provide for you in your own electoral reform activities.