RCV Could Alleviate Negative Campaigning in Florida Primary

Posted by Elliot Louthen on March 15, 2016

On the morning of the biggest winner-take-all state primaries, NPR’s Morning Edition ran a segment on the harsh reality of negative campaigning in the state of Florida. Trump has released an ad condemning “Corrupt Marco Rubio.” Similarly, the American Future Fund has aired a commercial attacking Trump’s divisive rhetoric. No matter how one feels about the candidates in this primary season, the fact of the matter is negative campaigning is a hallmark of our current American political system. Yet time and time again, voters condemn its usage, calling for a “more civil” politics. Ranked choice voting could fix that.

Implementing ranked choice voting in primary elections would not only empower voters with greater choice, but research indicates it would also foster greater civility among candidates and reduce the negative campaigning so many Americans detest.

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