Purple potatoes, elderberries, and black currants: A (beer!) recipe to fight gerrymandering in North Carolina

Posted by Shane Mckibben on December 18, 2017

Our friends at Common Cause North Carolina have teamed up with local Durham brewers Fullsteam Brewery to take on gerrymandering in the state with a crafty brew as purple as North Carolina is -- or ought to be. While partisanship in NC is roughly 53 percent Republican to 47 percent Democratic, the current NC delegation to the House of Representatives, and our projection for the same in 2018, is a 10-3 Republican advantage.

Tomorrow, Dec. 19, from 5-7pm, for each pint of the purple potato, elderberry, and black currant-composed beer purchased at Fullsteam Brewery, $1 will be sent to Common Cause NC’s campaign to end gerrymandering in the state.

This is not the first time that beer has made an impact on the electoral reform stage: community education events like beer rankings were an integral part of the successful 2016 campaign to improve Maine’s elections with ranked choice voting, by helping educate voters how RCV works in a social, festive atmosphere.

For 50 years, single-member congressional districts have been required, but that wasn’t always the case, and it doesn’t have to be that way. As important as fair redistricting is to solving gerrymandering, the Fair Representation Act, which would bring ranked choice voting, multi-winner districts, and independent redistricting commissions to congressional races, goes a step further in ensuring a purple state like North Carolina is represented as fairly as possible in Congress.

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