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National Voter Registration Day: Why We Need Universal Voter Registration

by Kelsey Kober

September 27 marks National Voter Registration Day. For many, this day symbolizes American democracy and an invitation to all citizens to participate in the government. What many might not know is that the United States is one of the only democracies in the world to not automatically register voters, instead shifting the responsibility to political parties, organizations, and elected officials with a history of bias.

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Crowded Field Could Lead to Severe Vote Splitting in Louisiana Senate Race

by Ben Fogarty

With twenty-four candidates running, the race to replace outgoing Louisiana U.S Senator David Vitter is one of the most hotly contested elections this year. While competition is emblematic of a healthy democracy, Louisiana’s current electoral system has a defect that is partly addressed by having a majority runoff but still leaves voters in a tough situation during highly competitive races like this one.

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California Bill to Expand Options for Local Elections Goes to Governor Brown

by Grace Ramsey

Senate Bill 1288, sponsored by Senator Mark Leno, which enables all of the state’s general law jurisdictions to use fairer voting methods, including ranked choice voting, passed the state assembly last Thursday 46-26. The bill passed the State Senate back in May and is now headed to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown.

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