Policies Not Personal Attacks

Posted by Molly Rockett on March 24, 2016

Negative campaigning has increasingly become a point of contention in the primary race on both sides, but particularly among Republicans as frontrunners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz each vie for the 1,237 delegates needed to cinch the nomination before the convention. Civil campaigning is at the forefront of the conversation again today, after Trump retweeted an attack on Ted Cruz's wife. Personal attacks, including references to physical attributes or family members, should have no place in our campaigns and public discourse. 

In our Primary Focus series, we have highlighted ranked choice voting as a reform that could incentivize more civil campaigning, especially in fractured fields of more than two candidates. Our report on civil campaigning finds that voters living in cities where ranked choice voting is used perceive less negative campaigning and were more satisfied with the campaigning they did experience.

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