It’s time for the Fair Representation Act.

Framed in the vision of our founders and consistent with the Constitution, the Fair Representation Act replaces the current broken system for electing Members of the House of Representatives with a fair and reflective system. Instead of electing Members in gerrymandered winner-take-all districts, voters elect representatives using ranked choice voting in larger, multi-winner districts drawn by independent citizen commissions.

Under the Fair Representation Act all voices are heard. Voters rank candidates in order of choice, giving as many voters as possible the ability to help elect a candidate they support. Since more than one candidate wins an election in each larger, multi-winner district, Republicans in places like Massachusetts and Democrats in places like Oklahoma will no longer have their voices shut out of the national debate because of where they live. The majority of voters will elect a majority of the candidates, and voters outside the two major parties will be better able to hold elected officials accountable. Instead of the districts being drawn by paid consultants behind closed doors, district maps will be adopted by an independent commission made up of ordinary citizens. The Fair Representation Act will end the corrupt practice of gerrymandering and give voters a stronger voice in the political process.

With congressional approval ratings hitting record lows, voters are ready for reform. To give voters equality, we need a fairer and more reflective system for electing Members of Congress. We need the Fair Representation Act.

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Congress is broken. Too often, politics is defined by unfair rules that make “the people’s house” unaccountable, ineffective, and disconnected from ordinary voters. Winner-take-all elections are leaving many voters unrepresented, and special interests are drawing districts to manipulate election outcomes. It’s time to put voters in charge. It’s time for fair elections that give Americans an effective and reflective Congress of, by, and for the people.

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