Over 1,700 Virginia Democrats Participate in Ranked Choice Voting Election

Posted by Ethan Fitzgerald on May 24, 2016

Last week, the Arlington County Democratic Committee held a caucus to nominate two candidates for the November general election for School Board. As FairVote has highlighted in the past, Arlington Democrats have used  ranked choice voting on several occasions to nominate candidates for local office.

As their caucus rules explain, Arlington Democrats ranked all the candidates together for the two seats. Each voter’s first choice was counted and with current School Board member Nancy Van Doren receiving a majority of the votes in a four person race, the nomination for the first seat was awarded to her. To determine the second nominee, the party then tallied the second choices that Van Doren supporters had indicated on their ranked ballots with the first choice votes for the other candidates. In this round, Tannia Talento won a majority of votes and the nomination.

This was the third caucus Arlington Democrats have held using ranked choice voting. Yet again, this process has encouraged positive campaigning that yielded consensus candidates who were supported by a majority of voters in each round.

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