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Tracking and Reforming Redistricting


The process of redistricting is highly partisan and often comes at the expense of voters. FairVote has developed a number of new resources regarding redistricting, including:

  • Glossary - An A to Z guide to terms and definitions
  • Litigation - A summary of ongoing lawsuits to redistricting plans and procedures throughout the country
  • Reform Legislation - A report on proposed laws in all fifty states to improve redistricting processes
  • Resource List - A guide and review of the best redistricting resources from around the web
  • News - A compilation of tweets to news stories and opinion by state
  • Alternative Approaches - Drawings of proposed "super districts" for all states used for proportional voting systems
  • Additional Links - FairVote also contributes to Endgerrymandering.com and tweets current redistricting news

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