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  • Fair Representation Voting Explained

    Learn more about why Congress is broken and the fair representation voting solution with FairVote's new Fixing Democracy infographics series.

  • Announcement: What Comes Now for the Right to Vote

    Announcement regarding the Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act.

  • FairVote's Leadership on Right to Vote

     NEW: FairVote policy brief on right to vote amendment

    May and June have been big months for FairVote's work advancing a right to vote in the Constitution.  In Congress, representatives Mark Pocan and Keith Ellison introduced bill for a right to vote amendment along lines that we have recommended, featuring quotes from FairVote in their news release. 

    Locally, our hometown of Takoma Park (MD) became the first to pass a resolution in support of a constitutional right to vote and is making concrete commitments to expand suffrage and boost turnout. One significant change: Takoma Park will become the first city in the United States to extend voting rights to residents after they turn 16. 


  • FairVote's 2014 Congressional Analysis


    Every two years, FairVote conducts a thorough analysis of congressional elections, pointing out problems and making predictions in U.S. House of Representatives districts in all 50 states, that we call Monopoly Politics. We recently released our first projections for the 2014 congressional elections, including publishing a downloadable spreadsheet with partisanship data for every congressional district in the country. Check out the media coverage of our 2014 projections, our Monopoly Politics 2012 report, and our resources on the fair voting solution.


  • FairVote's Major New Publications & Opeds

    • Posted: April 10, 2013
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    FairVote regularly publishes op-eds, blogs and longer articles. Rob Richie and Andrea Levien will have an article on the National Popular Vote plan for president in the prestigious Presidential Studies Quarterly, Richie is coauthor of the 2013 edition of Every Vote Equal, and Richie and Drew Spencer have a new University of Richmond Law Review article on the case for choice voting as an alternative to winner-take-all elections in the United States.

  • FairVote Testimony on Independent Redistricting in Maryland

    On March 11, 2013, legal fellow Drew Spencer and research fellow Devin McCarthy testified before the Maryland House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee on HB 233, which would establish a Study Commission on the Redistricting Process in Maryland.

  • Right to Vote in the Spotlight


    The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in an important case involving the Voting Rights Act, while FairVote is stepping up its campaign for Congress to uphold federal law and stop blocking commissioners to be seated on the Federal Election Commission. We're also excited about our new Promote Our Vote campaign designed to generate local actions to expand and protect suffrage.


  • Try Ranked Choice Voting!


    Whenever a race for governor has more than two candidates, more than half the voters can strongly oppose the "winner" in a traditional plurality system. To eliminate "spoilers" and embrace voter choice, a growing number of cities and colleges are moving to the instant runoff form of ranked choice voting (RCV). It's used to pick the Best Picture Oscar and is now under serious consideration for statewide elections.


  • Time for National Popular Vote, Not Electoral College Rigging

  • FairVote Chair Krist Novoselic on Democracy

    • Posted: December 12, 2012
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