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  • Momentum Builds for Universal Registration

    • Posted: November 17, 2008
    • Categories: FairVote

    Since the historic election on November 4, momentum has been steadily building for universal voter registration. Key allies, including Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Election Assistance Commission Chair Rosemary Rodriguez, have advocated for establishing a voter registration system where the government, not each individual citizen, is responsible for ensuring full and accurate voter rolls.

  • New Victories for Spoiler-Free Elections with IRV

    In all three races, independent and third-party candidates earned enough support to deny the final winners a majority of the vote. But this November, Memphis (TN) addressed this problem by overwhelmingly passing instant runoff voting (IRV) by 70% for city races. Telluride also approved IRV handily and will be heading towards implementation.

  • FairVote Releases 10 Surprising Stories About Election 08

    • Posted: November 10, 2008
    • Categories: FairVote

    In the wake of the historic 2008 elections, FairVote has released an insightful new report,10 Surprising Stories About Election 08, that goes beyond the horserace coverage and discusses angles missed by the news media.

  • Historic Election Promises Major Reform

    2008 was an historic election in terms of the election of the first African American to be president and the largest number of voters at the polls in our history. But in this modern age, there is no excuse for privately-owned voting machines that breed mistrust, confusing ballot designs, polling places with long lines, voter registration laws that leave nearly a third of Americans off the rolls, an Electoral College system that undercuts equality and voting methods that suppress voter choice and stifle fair representation.

  • About that election: a handy guide

    • Posted: November 2, 2008
    • Categories: FairVote

    Few days left before the elections,read the handy guide of Matt Sledge, Director of FairVote Rhode Island.

  • FairVote Releases Report on Election Administration

    FairVote released the National Edition of a report series that seeks to shed light on the practices of county election officials responsible for running efficient elections this November.

  • FairVote's Campaign Tracker attracts media attention

    In 2008 the campaigns and the media are heavily focused on the presidential battlegrounds – to the point where 26 states have not had a single public event by one of the major party presidential or vice-presidential nominees since the Republican convention. Boosted by the work of David Schnicke and Laura Kirshner, FairVote’s new “campaign trackers” for presidential campaign visits and advertisement spending has garnered significant media attention. 

  • Second round of candidate survey begins

    • Posted: October 16, 2008
    • Categories: FairVote

    The second round of FairVote's 2008 General Assembly candidate survey has begun. Once again we're asking candidates to weigh in on everything from the national popular vote to youth civics education. High-profile candidates like House Majority Leader Gordon Fox and Senator Joshua Miller have already responded.

  • Absentee ballot request deadline

    • Posted: October 14, 2008
    • Categories: FairVote

    Tuesday, October 14th is the absentee ballot request deadline. For those committed presidential organizers planning on running up to New Hampshire for get out the vote efforts come November 4th, you will need to turn in your ballot request (and it cannot just be postmarked by the 14th; you will need to deliver it to your Board of Canvassers in person).

  • Secretary of State predicts record turnout

    • Posted: October 6, 2008
    • Categories: FairVote

    This Sunday FairVote RI witnessed voter excitement first-hand, registering many in both English and Spanish at the Broad Street Farmers Market.