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FairVote tracks bills in state legislatures that move electoral reforms like ranked choice voting forward. First, show your support to help bring ranked choice voting to cities and states across the country by signing our petition. You can use this tool from Open States to find out who your state legislators are and ask them to support these laws if they are still pending. Let us know how they respond. We also invite ranked choice voting supporters to connect in our Google Group, where activists are organizing at the local and state level to advance ranked choice voting in their communities. If you're ready to take that next step forward and get involved immediately to bring RCV to your community at the local or state level, take a look at our Activist Toolkit.

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The following list and map summarize bills that would expand the use of ranked choice voting in the United States, organized by state. This list will be updated throughout 2018 as more bills are introduced.

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  • HB 390: Ranked choice voting for state and federal elections (Timed out in session)


  • SB 1367: Allows for single-winner and multi-winner RCV for local contests


  • SCA 18: The measure would instead require the Governor to fill a vacancy in either house of the Legislature by appointment within 45 days of the date of the vacancy or by a special election in which the Governor may require the use of instant runoff voting, as specified.


  • HB 136: Federal, state, or county elections not held on regularly scheduled primary/general election
  • HB 179: Ranked choice voting for special elections for Congressional races
  • HB 2444: Ranked choice voting for all elected offices.
  • SB 218: Ranked choice voting for special elections for Congressional races
  • SB 824: Ranked choice voting for local or state primary elections, special elections and nonpartisan general elections


  • SB 400:  Ranked choice voting for local elections (Timed out in session)


  • H 2897/S 380: Local option (Left in committee)
  • S 377: Ranked choice voting for statewide offices (Left in committee)
  • H 4252: Requires joint committee on election laws to study bills relating to elections


  • HB 173: Ranked choice voting for Montgomery County Council elections (Timed out in session)
  • HB 477: Establishing the Potomac Compact for Fair Representation (Timed out in session)


  • HF 3690: Prohibits ranked choice voting in any election. Contact Jeanne Massey to save ranked choice voting in Minnesota!


  • HB 1346: Ranked choice voting for all state and federal offices

New Hampshire 

  • HB 1540: Allows RCV for federal and state offices (Left in committee)

New Jersey 

  • A 1801: Cities can implement RCV

New York 

  • S 5616: Allows RCV for local elections
  • A 8613: Allows RCV for local elections
  • S 5605: Pilot program for RCV use in local elections in 2020 and 2021
  • S 3309: In any New York City city-wide primaries for mayor, public advocate, or comptroller
  • S 4110: Enacts the “New York City Instant Run-off Voting Act” which requires RCV for any municipal election in NYC


  • HB 5201: Appropriations bill that allocates funds for the Benton County Ranked Choice Voting Pilot Project. Governor signed.

Rhode Island

  • H 7338/S 2801: Constitutional Amendment that imposes full RCV or top-two RCV for state elections


  • HB 0638/SB 2271: Prohibits a county or municipality from using ranked choice voting. Contact Aaron Fowles to help save ranked choice voting in Tennessee!


  • HB 0035: Municipal RCV Pilot Project. Governor signed.


  • HB 553: Local option (Left in committee)
  • HB 932: Allows RCV for the election of the Arlington Board of Supervisors (Left in committee)


  • SB 213: Allows RCV for military and overseas voters in presidential primaries


  • HB 2746: Cities can implement alternative voting systems like RCV (Timed out in session)
  • SB 6402: Provides options for local governments to adopt alternative voting procedures (Timed out in session)

Testimony for Ranked Choice Voting

This testimony was delivered and drafted by FairVote Action in support of ranked choice voting legislation in states across the country.

Maryland: Testimony on Behalf of House Bill 173

Massachusetts: Testimony on Behalf of Senate Bill 377/ House Bill 2897/ SB 380

Virginia: Testimony on Behalf of House Bill 932

Virginia: Testimony on Behalf of House Bill 553


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