New PEW Study: Politics is More Divided Than Ever

Posted by Molly Rockett on June 24, 2016

In a survey of nearly 4,400 adults this past March and April, PEW finds partisanship and polarization to be more entrenched than ever among Americans. This data does not bode well for proponents of competitive congressional elections. When voters elect representatives in single-winner districts, this pervasive partisanship will result in most races being consistently decided or "safe," for one party. In fact, FairVote was able to predict the partisan outcomes in 95.8% of house races using nothing but past race results in our latest edition of Monopoly Politics. A lack of competitive elections means that the minority party in most districts will consistently lack representation, and primary voters in the majority party will determine the outcomes of most elections. Stay tuned for FairVote's next edition of Monopoly Politics to learn about the current state of partisanship in the country and structural solutions that could break up these outcomes and return more choices to voters. 

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