Nevadans for Election Reform: Fix Our Broken Politics with Ranked Choice Voting

Posted by Myeisha Boyd on September 20, 2017

The Nevadans for Election Reform are working on Greater Choice - Greater Voice, an initiative to implement ranked choice voting (RCV) statewide. According to recent statistics, more than 25 percent of active registered voters in Nevada are not registered Democrats or Republicans. In fact, 21 percent choose not to register with any political party.

Nevada’s hyper-partisan political environment is driving voters away from the polls and hurting governance. The Greater Choice - Greater Voice initiative seeks to replace Nevada’s closed primary system with a single election held in November using ranked choice voting.

Maine was the first state to adopt ranked choice voting for its congressional elections, following adoption in cities across the country. In places with RCV, candidates not only need to compete to be the first choice of voters, but also second and third choices. This encourages a higher level of debate and greater civility among candidates. The initiative in Nevada is designed to require candidates to reach out to all voters, not just a narrow partisan base, which will help reduce negative campaigning.

All voters deserve to be represented fairly in our democracy. Learn more about Nevadans for Election Reform here.


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