Neeknaz Abari

Representation 2020 Intern

Neeknaz Abari

Hi! My name is Neeknaz and I’m a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley, where I'm majoring in Applied Mathematics and minoring in French. My interest in election reform has been fostered by the increasingly polarized and aggressively partisan political climate that we face in the United States. Our most recent election was a wakeup call for me, when I realized that I needed to help fight for fair representation for all Americans. I believe that voting reform, and specifically the implementation of ranked choice voting, is one of the best ways that we can work to fix our democracy and ensure that every voter's voice is heard.

I'm thrilled to be working on the Representation 20/20 project at FairVote as I've always had a passion for women's rights. My past work on women's rights has included volunteering at the OMID Foundation, a women's shelter and education center in Tehran, Iran. I'm specifically interested in women's representation in our government as I believe that in order to create meaningful change, an elected body must be representative of its constituents. It's also important to recognize the positive impact of diversity on productivity and creativity in professional environments, which is another reason that I think it's so important to have women - and especially women of color - in elected office. 


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