National Popular Vote plan: Advances mark 5-year anniversary

Posted on February 24, 2011


Five years ago, on Feb. 23, 2006, FairVote's Rob Richie and John Anderson joined other founders of the National Popular Vote plan for presidential elections for a National Press Club news conference announcing the proposal. Since then, six states (and Washington, D.C) have adopted the plan, nearly a third of state legislative chambers have passed it and more than 2,000 state legislators have backed in their states.


This week marked more advances, including:


  • The Vermont state senate, run by Democrats, passed NPV 20-10
  • An Oklahoma committee run by Republicans passed it 11-3
  • Noted independent and philanthropist Thomas Golisano announced his active support
  • A new edition of Every Vote Equal, with Richie among co-authors, was released.


Resources on the National Popular Vote plan:


National Popular Vote

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