National Organization for Women Continues to Highlight Underrepresentation in politics

Posted by Molly Rockett on June 24, 2016

In a press release today, the National Organization for Women (NOW) called attention to the continued underrepresentation of women in politics, and affirmed their commitment to participating in the new formed Voting Rights Caucus in Congress. NOW argues that voting rules such as restrictions on early voting disadvantage women candidates, and calls for the Voting Rights Advancement act to be adopted as a replacement for provisions of the Voting Rights act invalidated in Shelby County v. Holder. 

Beyond changing these voting rules, however, we should look to structural reforms to achieve meaningful representation of women and racial minorities in government. Evidence shows that multi-winner districts with fair representation voting methods, in which each district elects more than one representative with a system that accurately represents voter preferences, are a tried and tested way of ensuring more women are elected to office and representing more Americans in government. Emphasizing the impact of structural reform will open up the political process to new voices, those who have been traditionally shut out of the process, like women of color of other racial minority groups. 

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