More than 5,000 Voters Cast Ranked Choice Ballots in Arlington County Democratic Caucus

Posted by Ethan Fitzgerald on May 15, 2017

The Arlington County (Virginia) Democratic Committee (ACDC) endorsed two candidates for county office this weekend, using ranked choice voting to nominate Erik Gutshall for County Board and endorse Monique O’Grady for the non-partisan School Board. The ACDC first used ranked choice voting in 2014. Ranked choice voting’s benefits were on full display this year, as both races had more than two candidates running.

A record 5,972 voters participated in this year’s caucus. In the County Board race, Gutshall needed two rounds to secure a 55.2% majority. He faced off against three other candidates to replace outgoing County Board Chair Jay Fisette. O’Grady also needed two rounds to win. She received 59.4% of second round votes, unseating an incumbent. Arlington Democrats have reported high understanding of and satisfaction with ranked choice voting in the past, and FairVote will report on reactions to this year's contest in the coming days.

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