Maryland Governor Hogan Writes to President Obama on Redistricting Reform

Posted by Austin Plier on April 07, 2016

As Maryland's state legislative session draws to a close, Governor Larry Hogan has turned to President Obama for support in his effort to establish an independent redistricting commission to draw state and congressional district lines. Hogan wrote a letter to President Obama asking for his support, given the president's vocal support for redistricting reform in the past year. Regardless of President Obama's response to the governor's request, Democrats in Maryland are wary of drawing fairer districts in their own state for fear of exacerbating the national skew toward Republicans--created by similar gerrymandering tactics in Republican controlled legislatures like neighboring Virginia's. FairVote wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post recently, highlighting the value of an interstate compact to avoid a standoff like this, and end gerrymandering with fair representation voting. 

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