London, Ontario Considering RCV for Local Elections

Posted by Paul Murphy on February 02, 2017

While Canada’s federal government abandons its electoral reform promises before the 2019 federal general elections, one city in the country’s most populated province is considering implementing a new voting system that would benefit all of its citizens.  In the Ontario city of London, 8 out of the 15 members of the local city council told The Free Press local newspaper that they want to initiate public discussion between the citizens and public officials over municipal electoral reform, which includes the usage of ranked choice voting (also known as instant runoff voting).

Certain members of the city council, including Mayor Matt Brown, wants to open dialogue before implementing reform by the 2018 municipal elections. City council member Stephen Turner, however, wants to put a question regarding municipal electoral reform on a ballot referendum in 2018 and start the changes by 2022, if approved by the citizens. The government of Ontario recently allowed local municipalities the option to use ranked ballots for the 2018 local elections. 

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