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  • Tracking and Reforming Redistricting

    The process of redistricting is highly partisan and often comes at the expense of voters. FairVote has developed a number of new resources regarding redistricting, including:

    • Glossary - An A to Z guide to terms and definitions
    • Litigation - A summary of ongoing lawsuits to redistricting plans and procedures throughout the country
    • Reform Legislation - A report on proposed laws in all fifty states to improve redistricting processes
    • Resource List - A guide and review of the best redistricting resources from around the web
    • News - A compilation of tweets to news stories and opinion by state
    • Alternative Approaches - Drawings of proposed "super districts" for all states used for proportional voting systems
    • Additional Links - FairVote also contributes to and tweets current redistricting news


  • FairVote's Redistricting Resources

    With the completion of the 2010 Census, state legislatures are now in the process of the decennial redrawing of congressional, state, and local electoral districts. The process of creating new boundary lines is highly partisan and often comes at the expense of voters. By gerrymandering districts, legislators and their political allies use redistricting to choose their voters instead of giving voters the opportunity to choose them. FairVote provides a number of resources and reports about the redistricting process, and potential improvements to the current system.