Lane Baldwin

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Lane Baldwin

Lane Baldwin joined Fairvote in pursuit of his interest in the electoral process and his belief that, in order for democracy to survive, it must be learned and practiced by voting constituents. Lane is a current undergraduate student of Brigham Young University, who will earn his bachelor’s degree in political science as soon as his internship with Fairvote ends. Lane has a specific interest in security policy and international affairs, and hopes to pursue a career in the United States Armed Forces as a public affairs officer. When not pursuing this path, he spends his down time playing video-games, writing novels, and following the news about political activities throughout the world.


Posts by Lane Baldwin

2016 Senate Races and the End of Split Ticket Voting

Posted on March 15, 2017

In 2016, for the first time in American history, every US Senate race went to the winner of the state presidential vote, contradicting a the widely held belief that negative views of Trump and Clinton would lead to large amounts of split ticket voting and electoral divergence. While many were surprised by the unprecedented nationalization of voting trends, this was the culmination of partisan trends that have been growing for decades.

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