Kristin Eberhard Touts RCV as Means to Achieve Civility in Presidential Primaries

Posted by Austin Plier on March 22, 2016

Kristin Eberhard of Sightline Institute writes that ranked choice voting would help solve many of the woes in this year's presidential primary races. In particular, she contends it would help remedy the lack of civility that has been displayed this primary cycle:

"With ranked-choice voting, Trump, with support from just one-third of one party might not have a shot at becoming the president of the entire country. And with a top four primary, we might all get a chance to choose between the current front runners: Clinton, Trump, Sanders, and Cruz. With ranked-choice voting, we could choose the leader of the free world based on who wins majority support, not who tears down opponents just enough to eke by with plurality support. A sensible voting system may seem distant from this month’s sophomoric political theater, but ranked-choice voting is a viable and well tested method that could create real change in how elections work in the United States."

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