Khary Armster

Communications Intern

Khary Armster

My name is Khary Armster. I’m from Chicago, Illinois and I am an incoming sophomore at Howard University. My ambition is to successfully graduate from Howard with broadcast journalism degree and work on a Master’s degree in international affairs.

I was immediately interested in working with Fairvote after I did research on the objectives Fairvote looks to accomplish and after I was offered an internship position. The concept of a rightful democracy and fair voting representation is something I’ve become interested in since last year. Last year, I took it upon myself to train and become a deputy registrar. By the time I had finished my training, I was on a mission to register anyone is my local church and community to vote in the election of 2016.

Because of my recent history with voting interests and participation, I believed that Fairvote was the perfect environment to immerse myself in during this summer. I know that my experience with Fairvote will expose me to the energy and determination it takes to make an impact on our democracy. After being with Fairvote this summer, I would like to do my part in helping as many people as I can to have a voice in our political climate.


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