John Patrick Thomas

Development Fellow

John Patrick Thomas

J.P. Thomas is the Development Fellow at FairVote. He was born and raised in Cambridge and attended Duke University, where he studied Political Science and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. J.P.’s three greatest passions are elections, foreign policy, and immigration. He chose to work towards electoral reform after his experience as a research intern with the Roy Cooper campaign for Governor of North Carolina. While living in North Carolina, J.P. saw first hand the problems that existed within our current voting structures.

In pursuit of his interest to work in diplomacy, J.P. lived in both Beijing and Shanghai to learn the Chinese language. While in Shanghai, he interned as a paralegal for an international law firm focusing on trade, immigration, and investment. Stemming from his family’s experience with the immigration system, he is passionate about immigrant and refugee rights. After his sophomore year, he worked with the Social Work Team for Unaccompanied Minors in Dublin, where he helped refugee children enter Irish schools and find foster families. Within the last year, he has also interned with Welcoming America, an immigration-focused non profit, and Beyond DACA, a web-based application to help immigrants learn about their citizenship options. Under the mentorship of the Director of Philanthropy, Celina Stewart, J.P. is excited to help FairVote grow and prosper, and most importantly, advocate for meaningful electoral reform nationwide.


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