John Kasich: Time to Talk with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan about a Redistricting Compact

Posted by Rob Richie on April 09, 2016

Ohio governor John Kasich spoke strongly in favor of a more independent redistricting process in his "State of the State" speech this week. One good line was ""Ideas and merits should be what wins elections, not gerrymandering. When pure politics is what drives these kinds of decisions, the result is polarization and division. I think we've had enough of it."

He's right, of course, but Republican legislative leaders were cool to the idea in a state where their party holds 12 of 16 congressional seats. But Kasich has an option: talk with Maryland governor Larry Hogan when he comes to campaign in Maryland's April 26th primary. According to the Washington Post, Maryland state senator Jamie Raskin yesterday found a sympathetic ear when  talking with Hogan about having Maryland negotiate an interstate compact with other states in order to create a plan that is both fair overall and fair to all voters -- with a key element being the states considering multi-winner  districts with ranked choice voting.

Sen. Raskin's legislation to initiate a compact did not pass the legislature this year, but governors Hogan and Kasich can start the conversation directly in the next two weeks. 

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