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Summer 2015 Interns

FairVote's year-round internship program provides an opportunity for those with an interest in electoral reform and election research to work on substantive projects. Each intern is paired with a staff member to achieve specific goals, but is also exposed to the broader workings of FairVote – including legal work with law students, research, communications, advocacy, website development, fundraising, and blogging.

Interns are given opportunities to build their skills and knowledge base, as well as opportunities to attend workshops and seminars and hear from guest speakers. Because we are a small yet ambitious organization, our internships are substantive and interns' work is often featured in our education and advocacy outreach. Our positions are ideal for self-starters, as interns have the flexibility to work in areas in which they are most interested – be it research, activism, communications, or design.

Internships are typically unpaid, although we will pay for daily commuting costs and provide at least one free lunch a week. We are also willing to work with interns to meet requirements for receiving academic credit and/or outside funding, and will consider stipends for interns with specific skills such as website design and videomaking.

Working at FairVote

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FairVote is one of our nation's leading democracy organizations focused on bold, change-oriented electoral reforms. Through innovative research, effective communications, and strategic advocacy, FairVote works to upgrade outmoded electoral rules and practices to ensure respect for every voice and every vote. Our preferred reforms include instant runoff voting, universal voter registration, fair representation voting (American forms of proportional voting), a constitutional right to vote, and a national popular vote for president.

Our office is conveniently located in historic Old Town Takoma Park, two blocks from the Washington, D.C. Takoma Metro Station (red line).

Types of Internships


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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but we ask that applications for a particular semester be submitted before the semester begins. Applications for the summer of 2016 are due April 8, 2016. Applications should consist of a cover letter, a resume, a writing sample (ideally no more than 5 pages) and, if available, contact information for references. Email your application to hr@fairvote.orgNote: Because summer internships are particularly competitive, we recommend that you apply early.

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