Illinois Extends Pro-Suffrage Practices

Posted by Unknown on December 04, 2014
The public policy organization, Demos, has reported that the General Assembly in Illinois passed Senate Bill 172 (SB 172), expanding pro-suffrage practices such as same day registration, grace period registration for university students, and online registration. Illinois joins thirteen other states and the District of Columbia who have extended pro-voting measures that make the process of voting and registering as accessible as possible. 

FairVote's Promote Our Vote program applauds practices that improve voter turnout by making voting easier and more accessible. Practices like the ones Illinois has enacted can increase turnout on all levels of government and create a more civically engaged community. To continue the momentum, more localities should push for more pro-suffrage policies such as a Right to Vote Amendment in the Constitution, extend voting rights to felons, and allow 16 and 17 year-olds to vote in local elections. To learn more visit
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