Our Mission: FairVote advances systemic electoral reform to achieve a fully participatory and truly representative democracy that respects every vote and every voice in every election. We work toward these goals by providing advocates with innovative research and reform strategy. We promote ranked choice voting (“instant runoff”), a constitutionally protected right to vote, a national popular vote for president, and, most fundamentally, fair representation voting forms of proportional representation.

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    • Oklahoma Voter Turnout Suffers without National Popular Vote Plan

      March 13, 2015

      OklahomaPicThe current Electoral College system -- one that Oklahoma state legislators have the power to help change -- leaves Oklahoma voters at a disadvantage during and between presidential elections. A comparison of voter turnout patterns in Oklahoma and Virginia tells the story, contradicting inaccurate analysis from an Oklahoma think tank.

    • Progress and Opportunity for Ranked Choice Voting in 2015

      March 10, 2015

      Rank Your Vote Staff

       2015 is shaping up to be a monumental year for ranked choice voting (RCV). Across the country, a growing number of activists and legislators are taking steps to implement RCV in their city or state. Here's an overview of the legislation that has already been introduced this year. 


    • Does the Candidate Determine the Battleground States in Presidential Elections?

      February 23, 2015

      Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton speakings togetherMany are making predictions on which states will be battlegrounds in the 2016 presidential elections. Certainly a state's underlying partisanship matters. (The closer the state, the more likely it will draw campaign attention.) But do a candidate's individual qualities shape the states he or she targets, and how much?


    FairVote Reforms Gain Headway

    // March 23, 2015

    FairVote's reforms have gained steam, as voting rights events, like the Selma commemoration, have been at the forefront of media coverage. Here is the latest:

    • FairVote executive director Rob Richie and chair Krist Novoselic traveled to Oregon in early March, where they touted the benefits of reforms that included fair representation voting, ranked choice voting and the National Popular Vote plan in an event held at Reed College.
    • FairVote and the Bipartisan Policy Center have released a new report, Best Practices for Collaborative Policymaking, which examines power-sharing arrangements in state legislatures in order to identify and recommend rules/practices in state legislatures that can empower bipartisan cooperation.
    • FairVote promoted fair representation voting in court by filing an amicus curiae brief for the Voting Rights Act case brought against Yakima, Washington. Now that the case is over, FairVote staff attorney Drew Spencer blogs about the outcome and the way forward.
    • FairVote staffer Claire Daviss made an appearance on GVH Live's "Washington Weekly" program to demonstrate why an explicit right to vote is fundamental for addressing voting rights.
    • Support for an expected 2016 ranked choice voting ballot measure in Maine continues to grow. Recent media pieces include an op-ed from the West End News and this Letter to the Editor from the Portland Press Herald.
    • President Obama suggested that mandatory voting would be "transformational" in the U.S. FairVote's Rob Richie and Sarah John propose that pursuing structural reforms for the American electoral system would be even more transformative in an interview with NBC News.
    • In an article for the Huffington Post, FairVote board member Katie Ghose called for fair representation voting in the U.K., asserting that such a reform would make parliamentary elections more competitive.
    • The Washington Post  and Los Angeles Times seized upon Israel’s elections as an opportunity to analyze the country’s electoral system and highlight the benefits of  fair representation voting.
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    The Role of Cities in National Popular Vote Elections

    Rob Richie, Andrea Levien, // June 13, 2014
    Cites Pic

    In debating options for reforming presidential elections in the United States, the most promising alternative to the status quo is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPV). But even though we use popular vote elections to select every member of Congress and all 50 governors, some NPV skeptics warn that its adoption would have a partisan impact on presidential elections. They fear that Democrats could increase their national vote totals by focusing resources on major metropolitan areas, while Republicans could achieve similar gains only by spreading their resources across more geographically dispersed, non-urban areas. This report challenges this argument in three ways. 

    Fuzzy Math: Wrong Way Reforms for Allocating Electoral Votes

    Claire Daviss, Rob Richie // January 28, 2015

    States have a constitutional obligation to decide how they will allocate their electoral votes during presidential elections. Almost all states currently use statewide, winner-take-all rules, which gives all of the state's votes to the winner of the statewide popular vote. But some states have considered alternative methods, such as the whole number proportional system and the congressional district system. We look at the effect these systems would have on presidential elections. Neither system promotes majority rule, increases competitiveness nationwide, or ensures voter equality.

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