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Haley Smith

Haley Smith is an expert in democratic theory, and is applying that expertise to our studies of RCV’s impacts on civility and descriptive representation. Haley grew up in Pittsburgh and received her B.A. in Political Science and Economics from St. Mary's College of Maryland. She is currently finishing up her M.A. in Political Science at the University of British Columbia.

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Turnout in the 2016 Presidential Election

Posted on November 16, 2016

By October 31st, over 22 million people had cast early votes for the 2016 presidential election. In some states, like Texas and California, the number of early votes was up substantially from 2012. Despite a rise in the number of early votes cast, early returns from the November 8th election suggested turnout was actually at a low, with some outlets reporting that voter turnout was nearly the lowest it had been in a presidential election in 20 years.

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