One of the ways FairVote works to bring its research and vision for a pro-democracy movement to more people is by sponsoring and co-sponsoring events. Speakers and panelists at such events include elected officials, scholars, activists, reporters, and of course FairVote staff, all of whom come together to help promote a more perfect union through pro-democracy policies.

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2017 RCV Lobby Day

This year, legislators in 13 states have introduced bills advancing ranked choice voting. Coming on the heels of Maine and Benton County, Oregon’s historic votes to adopt RCV, momentum is growing. We need supporters like you to let lawmakers know why you’re part of the movement for more choice and a stronger voice in our elections.

On Valentine’s Day, we’re asking you to show love for RCV by contacting your state representatives to let them know why you support RCV. Progress for RCV has always come directly from individuals at the local level. Maine, along with the 11 cities already using RCV adopted it because people sent letters, made phone calls, or simply had conversations with friends and neighbors about how RCV could improve their democracy.


Check out the video from our townhall.



On April 22, 2015, FairVote teamed up with American University’s Washington College of Law (WCL) and the American Constitution
Society for an action packed, one-day conference called “National Democracy Slam 2015.” Throughout the day, reformers, journalists, elected officials, and scholars explored 17 bold ideas for breaking partisan gridlock, ending gerrymandering, and improving America's elections and politics.

Participants included:

  • Chuck Todd, Chief White House Correspondent, NBC

  • Norm Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute

  • Michael Li, Brennan Center for Justice

  • Caroline Frederickson, American Constitution Society

  • Jennifer Lawless, American University

  • Mark Pocan, Congressman Representing WI-2

  • FairVote staff, including Rob Richie

  • and many more

Reforms were presented, rebutted, and debated with live polling of the audience (including those watching online) following each exchange. You can view National Democracy Slam 2015 in its entirety, visit the Washington College of Law's webcast page, and read associated papers for every proposal at

Read more about FairVote’s Democracy Slam 2015:

Wrap-up Analysis, by Austin Plier

Event Agenda (pdf)

Full List of Conference Papers:

  1. Reforming the Top Two System with RCV

  2. Campaign FInance Response to Citizens United

  3. Open Debates

  4. The Voting Rights Act and Women’s Representation

  5. A Legal Standard to Address Gerrymandering Claims

  6. Mandatory Voting

  7. National Popular Vote for President

  8. Right to Vote Amendment

  9. Public Financing

  10. Independent Redistricting

  11. Proportional Representation

  12. Top Two

  13. Ranked Choice Voting

  14. Legislative Rules for Collaborative Policymaking

  15. Gender Parity

Cindy-and-Michele-Jawando-Z-drive.JPGFebruary 5-6, 2015, FairVote joined with U.S. Vote Foundation, the Overseas Vote Foundation, and the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law to co-sponsor the ninth annual Voting and Elections Summit.

On the first day, FairVote hosted five conversations between pro-democracy leaders including Jamie Raskin (State Senator, Maryland), Michael Lind (New America Foundation), Jeanne Massey (FairVote Minnesota) and others. On the second, we led workshops on promoting the right to vote and structural reform for fair representation from the local to national levels. To read more and see video clips from the event, see:

Voting and Elections Summit 2015: FairVote Highlights, by Rebecca Hellmich

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