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Ethan Fitzgerald

Ethan Fitzgerald is a native New Yorker and graduated from the Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan in 2015. He has previously held internships at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the NYC Campaign Finance Board. He has also done organizing work with the Fund for the Public Interest and Barack Obama's 2012 campaign. He enjoys pizza, concerts, and the New York Yankees.

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Ranked Choice Voting Legislation Draws Bipartisan Support

Posted on March 02, 2017

This year, there are 18 states with bills advancing ranked choice voting. Ranked choice voting’s ability to both make election cycles more efficient and level the playing field for all candidates and parties makes it popular across the political spectrum. This is reflected in the balanced support that ranked choice voting receives for a range of uses from Republican and Democratic state legislators.

Ranked Choice Voting a Sensible Solution to Utah’s Nominations Saga

Posted on February 21, 2017

Utah politicians and activists have long debated changes to how political parties nominate candidates. There is hope that both legislators and election administrators can come together around ranked choice voting as the solution. Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck has filed HB 349, to use ranked choice voting in primary and general elections.

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