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House Committee Votes to Eliminate Agency Tasked With Improving Elections

by Chris Hughes

The House Committee on Administration voted this week to advance H.R. 634, the Election Assistance Commission Termination Act, to consideration by Congress. The bill proposes eliminating the Election Assistance Commission, an agency designed to safeguard and improve administration of elections in the United States.

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Not a Popularity Contest: Facebook “Likes” as Election Predictors

by Shane Wade

Evanston Now, ranked their mayoral candidates based on Facebook “likes.” Will the likes match the results?

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FEC Ordered to Scrutinize Presidential Debate Rules

by Maya Efrati

When America goes to the polls to choose a new president every four years, the Presidential Debates are a key way that citizens learn about the candidates and decide who to support. Unfortunately, the Commission on Presidential Debates (the CPD) has long excluded

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