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How to Elect More Wendy Davis's

by Kelsey Kober, Theodore Landsman

In 2008, Wendy Davis was elected to the Texas State Senate from a district that leans Republican. Davis would go on to earn national attention for her filibuster of a Texas abortion restriction and came closer than many thought possible to winning one of Texas’s seats in the US senate. Davis’s politics and style, which were shaped by the district that elected her and the pitches that worked during her candidacy, were clearly more attractive to many voters than conventional Democratic or Republican politics. However, despite this, crossover representatives in the Texas Statehouse are rarer than ever.

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2016 Senate Races and the End of Split Ticket Voting

by Author Lane Baldwin

In 2016, for the first time in American history, every US Senate race went to the winner of the state presidential vote, contradicting a the widely held belief that negative views of Trump and Clinton would lead to large amounts of split ticket voting and electoral divergence. While many were surprised by the unprecedented nationalization of voting trends, this was the culmination of partisan trends that have been growing for decades.

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RCV Voters Reject Backroom Dealing in Western Australia Election

by Haley Smith, Theodore Landsman

This past Saturday, the Australian Labor Party took control of the Western Australian state parliament after more than eight years of Liberal Party leadership. In a historic swing election, voters emphatically rejected the ruling Liberal-National coalition, with outgoing premier Colin Barnett conceding the race less than three hours after the polls closed. Support for the popular minor party, One Nation, was low as well.

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