Create Your Own RCV Poll

FairVote has teamed up with Civinomics to allow anyone to create their very own ranked choice voting (RCV) poll online. The create-your-own poll feature finally allows folks to use a better voting system for decisions big and small, from choosing a restaurant, to polling one's community on their preferences in a presidential primary race.

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How to Create a Poll

  1. Sign-up/Sign-in to Civinomics. You can log in via Facebook, Google, or create a new login with an email account.
  2. Click the "Create" and select "Poll." The create-your-own feature allows users to give their poll a unique title and description, as well a custom icon, and cover photo for across the top of your polling page.
  3. Add Poll Details. You get to decide how long to keep the poll open, and can even target your poll on the Civinomics platform to a particular region. If you would like to use RCV for an internal organizational poll, you can do so, and choose not to feature it on Civinomics' public feed.
  4. Display Results. At the bottom of the poll creation page, indicate how many votes you would like to have been cast before results start showing.
  5. Add Poll Options. To add choices to your poll, continue to click the blue "Add+" button below "Options" where you can give each option in your poll a title, description, and picture. 

Create Your Own RCV Poll


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