John B. Anderson is a champion for common sense reforms that give every voter meaningful choices in local, state, and national elections. Anderson, a former congressman from the 16th Congressional District of Illinois and vocal political reformer, served as the chair for FairVote for 12 years. In 1980 he ran for president as an independent against Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, earning 5.7 million votes (6.6%). His independent presidential run has been an example for future candidates seeking to reach moderate or disenfranchised voters.

As voters continue to weigh their choices among presidential candidates, we can thank John B. Anderson for creating a space for independent candidates to run nationally and appeal to disenfranchised voters for the highest office in the United State. 

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On Monday, February 15, John Anderson will celebrate his 95th birthday. FairVote salutes Anderson’s contributions to political reform and invites you to send a birthday wish to him. Messages will be collected and sent to the family.

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