California Assembly Unanimously Passes Ranked Ballots for Overseas Voters

Posted by Paul Fidalgo on May 15, 2009

You're out of the country, experiencing the world in all its rich diversity. You're missing Election Day back home, but you're going to be able to vote by mail. No problem, right? You have all the time in the world to fill out your ballot and mail it back to states so it can be counted. But what if after everyone has voted, there's no majority winner, and they have to hold a runoff? There's no time for you to be mailed a whole new ballot and have it sent back home again! You're out of the loop! What to do? The California Assembly on Thursday got the ball rolling on a solution to the potential disenfranchisement of overseas voters when runoffs ensue, as they voted unanimously to send ranked voting ballots along with standard single-choice ballots to voters on foreign soil. If the bill (AB 308) becomes law, California's overseas voters will be able to rank their preferences on the ranked choice voting ballot in case the first round of voting leads to a runoff election. This way, their preferences will be taken into account when their stateside fellow Californians go to the polls a second time. Here's the Ballot Access News writeup of the bill's passage, and the Californians for Electoral Reform Action Page for AB 308.

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