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California Bill to Expand Options for Local Elections Goes to Governor Brown

by Grace Ramsey

Senate Bill 1288, sponsored by Senator Mark Leno, which enables all of the state’s general law jurisdictions to use fairer voting methods, including ranked choice voting, passed the state assembly last Thursday 46-26. The bill passed the State Senate back in May and is now headed to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown.

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MetroGreater Contest Uses RCV to Improve the DC Metro

by Ben Fogarty

Greater Greater Washington and the Coalition for Smarter Growth are currently using ranked choice voting to determine the winner of their MetroGreater contest. This contest invited the public to submit small, low-cost ideas for improving riders’ experiences on the Washington DC Metro system.

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Upcoming Supreme Court Case to Tackle Virginia Race-Based Redistricting Criteria

by Chris Hughes

Earlier this summer the Supreme Court agreed to review Bethune Hill v. Virginia State Board of Elections, a case challenging the use of race in the 2011 redistricting of Virginia’s 100-seat House of Delegates. Virginia claimed to be trying to comply with the Voting Rights Act, by insisting that certain districts had to have at least 55% black voting age population. However, as redistricting experts like Justin Levitt have pointed out, this approach is a bad caricature of what the Voting Rights Act requires

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