Bipartisan Win for Automatic Voter Registration in West Virginia

Posted by Rob Richie on April 06, 2016

FairVote was a pioneer in calling for automatic voter registration as a key step toward a goal of ensuring every eligible voter is registered and no ineligible voter is registered. In the wake of big wins in California and Oregon, we can now add West Virginia to the list — all the more encouraging given that it has a Democratic governor and Republican legislature.

The bill adds a new requirement for photo identification at the polls, as often supported by Republicans, but with provisions designed to address concerns about blocking eligible voters. The bill's bipartisan support is consistent with findings in our poll of 1,000 Republican and independent likely voters earlier this year done in partnership with the College of William and Mary that found support for secure automatic voter registration was backed by 79% of respondents. The Brennan Center is a great resource on what's going on with this issue.

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