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Ben Fogarty

Ben Fogarty is a rising second-year student at the University of Chicago majoring in economics and public policy. He grew up in Houston, Texas, and his primary academic interests are in electoral politics and education policy. He is involved with the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics and is a member of Friends of Washington Park Youth, an organization that pairs primary school students living in Chicago’s South Side with mentors from the University of Chicago. After undergrad, he hopes to pursue a graduate degree in economics and then work in public policy research. In his free time, Ben enjoys watching baseball, reading, and volunteering in the community.

Posts by Ben Fogarty

Constitution Day 2016

Posted on September 16, 2016

Constitution Day, celebrated annually on September 17th, commemorates the founding fathers who designed and signed the Constitution in 1787. To celebrate, FairVote reflects on the founders’ vision for American democracy and how ranked choice voting corresponds with that vision.

Crowded Field Could Lead to Severe Vote Splitting in Louisiana Senate Race

Posted on September 09, 2016

With twenty-four candidates running, the race to replace outgoing Louisiana U.S Senator David Vitter is one of the most hotly contested elections this year. While competition is emblematic of a healthy democracy, Louisiana’s current electoral system has a defect that is partly addressed by having a majority runoff but still leaves voters in a tough situation during highly competitive races like this one.

Georgia's Costly, Low Turnout Runoffs Can Be a Thing of the Past

Posted on September 09, 2016

Throughout this election season, FairVote has followed primary runoffs around the country and written about their many failings, including the enormous cost of one Alabama runoff and the dismal turnout for Texas’s runoffs. Unfortunately, Georgia’s July 26th contests appear to be another example of these failings.

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