Ballotpedia's Useful Summary of Election Results

Posted by Drew Penrose on November 29, 2016

Ballotpedia calls itself "The Encyclopedia of American Politics." It provides numerous invaluable resources on a variety of topics. Lately, a particularly useful page is their simple table of election results certification dates. It shows, for example, that Pennsylvania and Michigan both hit their deadlines yesterday, while Wisconsin's deadline is today, important information as those three states become spotlighted in recent calls for recounts. It also highlights the ongoing work of vote counting in many additional states. Even as narratives began to emerge of a low turnout election, votes continued to be counted, and now it appears turnout (although low by international standards) was on par with prior presidential elections, and that many early narratives surrounding the election results were premature

Ballotpedia hosts a tremendous wealth of knowledge, both for the 2016 elections, and on all sorts of other elections past and prior.

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