Audio: FairVote’s Drew Spencer Penrose Talks Supreme Court Gerrymandering Case

Posted by Myeisha Boyd on September 22, 2017

WPKN-FM’s Between the Lines host Scott Harris spoke with Drew Spencer Penrose, FairVote’s Legal and Policy director, about Gill v Whitford, a case challenging partisan gerrymandering, scheduled be heard in October by the U.S. Supreme Court. This case has the potential to impose, for the first time, judicial limits on the ability of politicians to manipulate election outcomes by drawing districts favorable to their preferred political party.

FairVote submitted a brief in the Supreme Court in the case, arguing that the Court should act to stop extreme, intentional partisan gerrymandering, and that states should consider alternatives to the winner-take-all systems to avoid the harms associated with gerrymandering.

“That’s really what partisan gerrymandering is in this case,” Penrose said in the interview. “It's where you strategically draw these districts in order to make one group of voters most powerful and make another group of voters make their votes very not powerful.” Penrose pointed out how the Fair Representation Act and ranked choice voting would be an effective way to end gerrymandering in Congress.

Listen to the interview here. Read more here.


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