Anna Scheibmeir

Representation 2020 Intern

Anna Scheibmeir

Hi, I’m Anna Scheibmeir, a Representation2020 intern and a senior at Swarthmore College majoring in political science and psychology. I grew up in Washington State. When I’m not in class, I am likely playing tennis, taking a dance class, or doing a crossword puzzle. 

I had the opportunity to spend a week at Representation2020 in January of this year, and I was struck by how the project combined many of my interests, including women’s issues and the electoral process. Following the results of the 2016 election, it seems more important than ever to commit to parity in political representation. In the last twenty years, advances in female representation in Congress have slowed, and every election is a reminder of the progress we could make if it were not for structural barriers that systematically keep women, and especially women of color, out of elected office.  

 FairVote and Representation2020 both work to bridge the gap between democratization as a theoretical ideal and as a real-world practice. I hope that through this opportunity I can learn more about my own passions and skills as they relate to policy research, advocacy, and implementation, as well as strategies I can use to help spread the word about the need for electoral reform.


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