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Home_page-_League_of_Women_Voters_of_Maine.pngWe believe it will reduce negative campaigning (...) because candidates will need to appeal to a broader range of voters for first- and second-choice rankings to build a majority of support. 

Ranked-choice voting also helps create a richer and, hopefully, more civil dialogue on the issues and increases the diversity of views available for voters to consider by allowing candidates from outside the two major parties to compete.

—League of Women Voters of Maine

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Ranked Choice Voting

The Problem

The Problem

When voters feel like they have to choose between the lesser-of-two-evils, that's not real choice.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Check out our Activist Toolkit to advocate for better elections with ranked choice voting.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Ranked choice voting gives every voter a meaningful vote.

Where it's used

Ranked choice voting is used in cities across the country 

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Boehner Seat Won by Low Plurality in Ohio Primary

by Rob Richie

The Republican primary for John Boehner's vacant House seat was won by Warren Davidson with 32.6% of the vote in a 15-candidate field. Davidson also won the regularly scheduled primary taking place at the same time. Assuming he wins the special election in June, he will take office and settle into a safe district -- all with less than a third of the vote.

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Over A Third of GOP Primary Voters Would Consider Third Party

by Austin Plier

According to the Washington Post, over a third of Republican primary voters would be open to voting for a third party candidate, should Donald Trump win the GOP nomination. That is a significant share of the Republican electorate, all of whom would benefit from the ability to rank their choices on Election Day in November.

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Missouri Primary Demonstrates Need for RCV

by Elliot Louthen

After a full day of voting and a long night of counting, the Missouri presidential primary for both parties is still too close to call. If ranked choice voting had been used in Missouri, we could guarantee the Republican and Democratic winner would have the support of a majority of voters. Instead, voters who cast votes for anyone besides Trump, Cruz, Clinton, and Sanders are left to question what might have happened had they cast their vote for someone else.

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